veterans owned, helping veterans

“When our service members leave the military, many of them struggle with finding a home, finding emotional support, or just finding their place in every day life. Being a veteran I know these struggles all too well. I’ve gone through some of them, and I’ve seen too many of my brothers and sisters go through them without help.”

-Phi Lavine (Creator of Phi-Bar)

That’s why Phi-Bar is dedicated to our troops. With your donations and ours, through various veteran assistance groups and associations, we seek to help veterans and their families back at home, as well as our troops serving at home and abroad.

During our pre-sales period every bar purchased helps us in that aim, with $0.15 of the price of every bar going toward groups such as Wounded Warrior Project, to help make life easier for those who help make our lives easier.

As Phi-Bar grows donations will increase and we will explore further non-profit organizations to cooperate with and eventually move to more direct actions.

Additionally, Phi-Bar as a company aims to only employ veterans who are having a hard time getting their non-military careers started. As we expand we will train and provide jobs for veterans in the chocolate industry.

Let’s change the world, one candy bar at a time!

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