Who are Phi-Bar and why did we set out on a mission to help veterans with candy bars?



The name Phi Bar comes from the creators name “Phi” but also relates to the greek letter Φ.

Our slogan is “Get in phase”, because that’s what will happen when you bite down on a candy bar unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. And if you feel bad about eating too many sweets, keep in mind it’s for a good thing, helping veterans!

Phi Lavine
Founder, Head Chocolatier 

Phi is a chocolatier and veteran of The Marine Corp and US Army, hailing from Indianapolis, and he has a passion for good candy bars. With several years of experience working in the sweets manufacturing businesses with subpar standards, Phi decided to form his own premium sweets company, with more than just candy and good ingredients in mind, so he created Phi-Bar, with the goal to help struggling veterans and their families.

Johny Krahbichler
 CMO, Partner

Johny Krahbichler is an entrepreneur based in Sweden. He has been involved in projects ranging from media, to public relations, and business development in industries such as consumer technology, intellectual property, non-profits, and now specialty chocolate.

“When I heard about Phi-Bar I was intrigued. One thing that is unanimously agreed upon throughout the world it’s that veterans should be treated with the utmost respect. This isn’t always the case, just look at veteran homelessness statistics. Then when I got to try one of the delicious Phi-Bar samples I was immediately sold, I knew I wanted in”

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